Buy Quality Treadmills and Home Gym Equipment, Online, India

Treadmills is one of the most popular home exercise equipment that used for running or walking in one place to get a perfect and healthy body shape. Buy quality motorized treadmills from Vinexshop for daily fitness workout. You can used it your home or outside home. These treadmills are available at our online sports goods and fitness equipment store in India at very reasonable cost. 

Vinex SONIC Treadmill
•    It has 2.5 HP DC motor.
•    It has Blue LCD Display that shows distance, time, heart rate, calories and more.
•    It has in-Built MP3 Player system for enjoyment.
•    It gives maximum speed of 16 km per hour.
•    It supports multi functions like massage, running, sit-up and dumbbells.
•    Its handlebar control gives easy speed and inclines changes.

Vinex SWISH Treadmill
•    It has 1.75 HP DC motor.
•    It supports multi functions.
•    It has LCD Display that shows distance, time, heart rate, speed, calories and more.
•    It is easily foldable to take out this at any other place for exercise.
•    It allowed 100 Kg Weight.
•    It has program range from P1 to P12.

Vinex SMART-1 Treadmill
•    It has 1.5 HP DC motor.
•    This foldable treadmill is specially designed to save space of your room.
•    It can be folded up and easy to carry out at other places for walking, running and jogging.
•    As its name, it is very smart to be fit with your active lifestyle.
•    It is available at a very affordable cost.

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